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Thank you for downloading The Top 20 Things That Block Your Sparkle

(and what to do about them).

I made a two-minute video for you, that explains how finding your Naked Self-Worth through the Five Steps of FLAUNT! allows you to find your center no matter what’s going on around you, so you can be clear, compassionate, and happy. Keep an eye out, more short, simple, but heart-centering solutions coming your way!

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noun na·ked | ˈnā-kəd ˌself-ˈwərth:

The ability to value yourself for who you are instead of what others believe you should be. To reveal all facets of who you are emotionally, intellectually and physically without cover and without seeking to please or conform. To love yourself as you are, not for who you will be when you lose 10 pounds, land your dream job or find the perfect relationship. To stand in your raw truth and know that who you are is more than enough.

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