Differentiate Burnout from Betrayal

and rekindle trust in yourself, your career, and your personal life.

Have you felt less motivated at work or at home, or found yourself saying, “I’m so burned out”?

Have you felt let down or outright resentful in your career, or perhaps have unmet expectations in your marriage or personal life?

The surprising, common thread among these experiences is that they often share a root cause—  betrayal.

Whether the source is not receiving equal pay for equal work, an unfaithful partner, or the realization that one has spent their life serving a dream that was not their own, unrecognized and unaddressed betrayal is robbing us of our zest, voice, and ability to live our potential. 

Even if you don’t believe it now, you will find happiness and flourish. Not in spite of betrayal, but because of it. There is hope. There is healing. No matter how gutted you feel, you are not alone, you are not broken, and you are absolutely not to blame. 

Let me show you how to turn your devastation into an invitation to reclaim your confidence, identity, and self-worth so you can come back to life again!

Grab the Top Three Ways We Betray Ourselves Every Day & What To Do About It

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Lora Cheadle inspires audiences to break free from burnout, process betrayal, and reclaim their agency and self-worth.

Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat

Bring Lora to your group for an intimate conversation around betrayal and inspire your members to reclaim their identity and own their worth despite their most difficult circumstances.

Betrayal Recovery Tool Kit

Delete Drama and Feel Better Fast, a 53-minute guided meditation that guides you to delete or rewrite memories or experiences that cause you pain so you can function, sleep, and take care of yourself.

Affair Recovery

A coaching experience for women shattered by infidelity who want to heal from the pain and come back to life stronger than they were before.

Lora Cheadle

Hi there, I’m Lora Cheadle

Former attorney, bestselling author, international speaker, and Life Choreographer®.

I work with female professionals whose lives have been shattered by betrayal – whether that betrayal is from themselves, their careers, or someone that they love, and want to turn their situation into a powerful force for good.


Let me show you (and the people you work with) how to shift into more joy, more meaning, and vitality. Through the Five Steps of my signature betrayal recovery process FLAUNT!, you will untangle yourself from the past, release judgment, and uncover the power that’s been inside you all along.

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FLAUNT! Find Your Sparkle & Create a Life You Love After Infidelity or Betrayal

For anyone whose life has been shattered by infidelity or betrayal and is determined to reclaim themselves and create a life they love.