Dennis Kennedy

We can probably all agree that technology has significantly impacted our world. But have you ever stopped to think about how much it has changed professions such as the legal or the medical profession? While it may seem like some of the older, more traditional professions are immune to the impact of technology, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Technology is significantly shaping the legal field, from the practice of law to the way clients interact with their attorneys.

Whether or not you are an attorney or are currently involved in a legal matter, the law impacts us all. As a former lawyer, I like to think of the law as the invisible rules that hold our society together. Everything we do, from marriage, to children, to jobs, to driving, to buying a home or renting an apartment is governed by some sort of law, and at some point in your life, you will probably have to deal with a lawyer. So why not stay abreast of the way technology is changing the law, as well as our world!

Dennis Kennedy is an information technology lawyer and legal technology author well-known for promoting innovation and the use of technology in the practice of law.  He currently focuses on legal technology, innovation, speaking, writing, and coaching and is an adjunct professor in the LegalRnD program at Michigan State University College of Law. Dennis is a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management and recently finished a term of three years as chair of the board of the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center.  Dennis retired as Senior Counsel for the Digital Payments & Labs group at Mastercard in 2017.

Dennis wrote the legal technology column for the ABA Journal for many years, and has co-authored several books including “The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies (2nd edition, 2018) with Tom Mighell.  He co-hosts The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast on the Legal Talk Network, and has written his blog, DennisKennedy.Blog, since 2003.

On Twitter, Dennis may be found at @denniskennedy and was one of the early lawyer users of Twitter and other social media. LinkedIn: