Life Choreography®

My clients are successful, driven women who are always willing to jump in, help out and do more to achieve their goals. But sometimes life gets to be too much, and they find that they just aren’t that happy. Or that connected.

If you feel like you are merely going through the motions, and aren’t fully present with yourself, loved ones or career, then maybe it’s time we talked about my 1:1 Life Choreography®  Sessions.

Whether it’s divorce, re-marriage, empty nesting, career transition or navigating the inevitable twists and turns of mid-life, such as caring for your aging parents, or even the realization of, Wait! Is this all there is? I always wanted to do something more…

I want you to know that now is your time.

Now is the time to recognize and release aspects of the past that no longer serve you, reveal the truth, power and sparkle of your own heart, and re-choreograph your life into the joyful, cohesive dance that you were born to dance!

Together we will find your deepest desire, explore and embrace your fetish, so you can leave the legacy you desire.

We will laugh, cry and shift the neural pathways in your brain, rewiring it for laughter and joy instead of anxiety, stress or pain.

You will embrace fully the power of accepting yourself and your life unconditionally, whether through forgiveness, ritual or sacred movement or the power of an energetic heart, so you can release resistance to “what if” and “if only” and finally break free to live your best life.

I will provide you with a glittery array of spiritual tips, tricks and tools and teach you how and when to use each one, enabling you to address every situation with confidence, grace and ease.

And finally…

With a deep sigh of gratitude and relief, you will slip fully into your own feminine power, where you will fully trust the truth of your head, heart and body in everything that you do.

Choose yourself now, while there is still time, and together we will reignite the satisfaction and joy of living that you dreamed were possible.

We will take you from feeling resentful, defeated and exhausted to being enthusiastic, confident and fully rejuvenated.

You will no longer be the harried, overworked and underappreciated woman who is barely hanging on to her sanity, health and relationships.

When you FLAUNT! you will recapture the passion and drive of someone who knows that anything is possible. Because it is possible! This dance is yours! What possibilities await you now?

You are worth it.

And so are those around you, who deserve the fullest version of self that you have to offer.

Drop your cover. Build YOUR dreams.

1:1 Life Choreography®  Sessions
Live your Sparkle!
transitive verb: spar·kle | ˈspär-kə: to glitter or shine.

In order for gems to sparkle most brilliantly, all facets of that gem must be exposed. If we want to sparkle as brilliantly as we are capable of sparkling, we must expose all facets of who we are inside.

Book your 30- minute discovery call today, and let’s figure how my 1:1 Life Choreography®  Sessions can best support you right now!

Three month or Six month Coaching Packages for Individuals or Corporate Groups are available.