Find Your Sparkle Workshop
Do you envision becoming an authentic, self-empowered woman who lives life with unshakable confidence and joy? But then do you get so tired, doing it all, being all things to all people, taking care of others’ needs, and powering through the daily grind that you end up exhausted?
Does this resonate with you?

Are you tired of putting yourself last, and giving so much that you have nothing left for you?

Do you feel like you don’t measure up to impossible standards of successful woman, dedicated mom or loving partner?

Are you wondering why you never seem to have the time, energy, or fortitude to actively enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to create?

Are you disconnected from your body, heart, and maybe even your loved ones?

In our fast-paced society we are always being told we can do more, go harder, make more money, and improve our appearance.

All we have to do is try this diet or purchase that beauty product. It’s easy to lose touch with our intrinsic worth and the ability to value ourselves for who we are, right now—no matter what size we wear, how old we are, or how big our paycheck is.

As a result, we throw ourselves in our careers, measuring our self-worth by what we achieve. Or for those who may not be working, we begin to define ourselves by how many afterschool activities our children have, what their grades are or which prestigious school they attend.

Have you fallen into the trap of considering exercise me time, but find that your time in spin class, or yoga ends up being an exercise self-loathing, as you try to get yourself into a dress size that is never going to fit?

Reconnecting to my passion and rediscovering my own dreams shifted me out of self-judgment and overwhelm and helped me find my sparkle.

For me, it was learning burlesque that pushed me outside of my comfort zone and put a spark of excitement back in my life that I hadn’t fully realized was missing. I could cut loose, dance, be silly, dress up, and challenge myself to recreate the box in which I had been living. And as a result? I began waking up each morning, excited for life in a way I hadn’t been in years!

Find Your Sparkle Workshop
Let me take you by the hand and lead you back into love with yourself!
Reconnect to your heart and soul, reveal your inner beauty, your brilliant brains and your deeply held beliefs, so you can uncover a profound appreciation of YOU!

Imagine a day where you were able to reclaim what matters most to you, and create a plan to make it happen.

A day where you feel safe, seen and supported.

Where you can unmask your inhibitions with unconditional acceptance, revealing the authentic, core essence of the woman who stares back at you in the mirror every day.

Through meditation, the vintage feminine form of burlesque (don’t worry, if you have ever grooved in the living room, you will be more than fine here) and plenty of deep, authentic connection with other powerful women, you will reconnect with your heart, find your own sense of uninhibited joy, and fall back in love with you!

If you are reading this and feeling as vulnerable and exposed as you are during a mammogram, I get it.

Let yourself feel into that. It’s perfectly natural!

If I had been reading a workshop description like this ten years ago, I probably would have clicked off the page. But here’s why you don’t want to:

I spent years scared that I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough, or strong enough. My biggest fear was that I’d be exposed as an imposter in my own life. That somehow I was not really qualified for my job. That I didn’t know all I needed to know to be raising kids, and I that I would totally mess them up. And there was always someone younger, prettier, thinner and with better hair.

I was scared to say that even though I loved my husband, I didn’t want to be identified as someone’s wife. I was terrified to admit that I didn’t want my whole identity defined by my kids. And I was mortified by the idea of what my community might think if they found out that I danced burlesque.

I didn’t want to be exposed, to find out how inferior I might be.

If you hear the word burlesque, and think, “No way, I could never show off my sagging breasts, C-section scar, cellulite, muffin top or insert body part here,” what I want to say to you is:

When you learn to have compassion for the parts that you do not love, you unlock a deep, feminine wisdom which reminds you that the very thing that is scaring you is the very thing that will unlock your sense of unshakable worthiness. And it is from this space that you heal, so you can reclaim and enjoy both your body and your life.

Imagine being in a room with other women who are cheerleading for you, your voice, your dreams, your body, as you do that for other women as well. Imagine being in a space where you will not be rejected, or diminished, where you no longer feel the urge to curl up or go into hiding again.

noun na·ked | ˈnā-kəd ˌself-ˈwərth:

The ability to value yourself for who you are instead of what others believe you should be. To reveal all facets of who you are emotionally, intellectually and physically without cover and without seeking to please or conform. To love yourself as you are, not for who you will be when you lose 10 pounds, land your dream job or find the perfect relationship. To stand in your raw truth and know that who you are is more than enough.


Also: getting physically naked is not required. Nor is it even an option, actually!
What we are talking about is stripping away everything non-essential, whether it’s beliefs, habits, or old stories that are covering your raw, beautiful self, and step into your Naked Self-Worth™

Imagine if you…
you could share your raw truth—without apology—in a supportive female-centric environment. Imagine if you could know, that after a day, you could do that in all the other relationships in your life.
were free from expectations and self judgment and could unapologetically go after your dreams. Whether it’s starting a side hustle, volunteering for a group in your community or asking for that promotion at your workplace.
could realize your dreams and live them with sparkle!
\transitive verb: spar·kle | \ˈspär-kə: to glitter or shine.

In order for gems to sparkle most brilliantly, all facets of that gem must be exposed. If we want to sparkle as brilliantly as we are capable of sparkling, we must expose all facets of who we are inside.

We were meant to Sparkle!

Over time, very real external factors such as sexism, ageism, and racism, and internal factors such as body shame, mommy guilt, and self-judgment, can cause our inner light to fade.

Drop your cover, reveal your authentic self and achieve personal and professional satisfaction!

You deserve to:
  • Fall in love with your body, as it is right now
  • Stop feeling exhausted, guilt ridden, overwhelmed, torn in 50 different directions,
  • Put an end to self-sacrificing behaviors and mindsets, aka, quit putting yourself last
  • Establish rock-solid self-worth and wash away self-judgment
  • Explore practical ways to reveal your beauty, brains and beliefs
  • Expose the full glory of the woman you are inside, and integrate her into the life you have worked so hard to create
Sparkle Your World Destination Retreat
Are you ready to:

Explore real-world strategies to reveal your beauty, brains and beliefs.

Recognize ways you have inadvertently held yourself back.

Inoculate yourself from shame by healthily exposing your fears, flaws and failures.

Knock out paralysis created by the fear of  “doing something wrong.”
Release yourself from the impact of criticism or failure.

and joy back into your life!

By the end of this experience you will be able to:

  • Show your body (and move your body) with confidence – no matter your size or what you are wearing
  • Present your beliefs and ideas clearly, without swallowing your words or softening your boundaries
  • Harness your natural joy, passion, and enthusiasm for life – so you can receive love and support in all that you do
  • Use tools to manage, overwhelm and convey the full range of your emotions authentically in business and personal relationships
  • Access your body’s energy system to create the sensations you wish to experience
  • Recognize your women’s intuition—and use it as a reliable guide
  • Respond authentically and persuasively to those who cast you in roles you have no intention of playing
  • Use humor, burlesque, and physical movement to release tension and navigate life’s twists and turns with ease 
Banish the fear of exposure, of not being enough—once and for all!


During our powerful yet playful day together, you will dive into individual, small group, and full group activities that crystalize your awareness of exactly who you are and what you want, create an unshakable sense of worth, and put sparkle and joy back into your life!

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