Are you tired of making the same resolutions, year after year, and never really seeing a change? Frustrated with self-help books and programs that sound great, but aren’t realistic to implement? Do you feel like you already know a lot, and can’t quite figure out why your life isn’t clicking and flowing the way it should?
Here’s the thing: Everyone’s life is busy.
None of us have the time to sit in meditation, journal, work out, practice random acts of kindness, go to yoga, read uplifting literature, get out in nature, hold down a job, run a household and maybe even take care of a family. 
In case you are wondering, let me tell you something.
YES, you are right!
There IS something more out there and you CAN achieve it without endless hours of spiritual woo-woo. Because I’m going to teach you the trick!

Learn how to efficiently recognize what’s really going on in every situation, both internal and external, as well as which tools to apply to which situation, and in what order. The reason so many so-called miracle tools fail, is because they are used for the wrong situation and in the wrong order.

Stop wasting time.

Once-and-for-all, figure out where you are really at and where you want to be. Together we will clear the path, bust through resistance and implement a detailed plan for getting you there.

So, if you are interested in learning exactly HOW to get all of the energy, enthusiasm, passion, joy and positivity in your own life that you deserve, if you are ready to Build Your Dreams, whatever they may be and Live Your SPARKLE, then join me, and let your life take flight!

Over 90 days you, and a select handful of other women, will be guided through a process where you learn to be super HAPPY, JOYFUL, ENERGETIC, JUDGMENT FREE and POSITIVE so you can achieve all that you want to achieve personally as well as professionally.

The program consists of weekly, one hour coaching calls, homework, downloadable content, a private Marco Polo (video chat app) group where you share your questions and receive non-stop, personalized support, PLUS my annual, full day retreat, and all on-line programs that I release during that 90 day period.

Worried that you won’t have time?

I’ve already thought about that! Although attending the live calls gives you the opportunity to participate, ask questions, and interact with the others, all of the coaching calls are recorded so you can listen (and re-listen) any time that is convenient for you.

That’s at least 22 hours of Group Coaching and support! Yeah, I know what YOU want for Christmas!

FLAUNT! Group Coaching Program

Included in your 90 day coaching program you’ll receive:

24 hours of group coaching

(valued at $6000)

Weekly assignments to help you dig deeper with the concepts we cover

(valued at $997)

Weekly emails to help you stay on track to Sparkle!

(valued at $997)

Workshop ticket

(valued at $197)

Bonus video course

(valued at $97)

Here is what you will get with the FLAUNT! Group Coaching Program!

The first 30 days you will Recognize and Release subconscious blocks, patterns of thinking, bad habits, and beliefs that are no longer useful, and no longer serve you.

  1. Identify labels, roles, scripts, archetypes and stereotypes.
  2. Paper Doll! What’s underneath your labels, roles and scripts?
  3. Which law of love is holding you back? Learn how to break the laws of love and fall in love with yourself and your life for success in love, career and interpersonal relationships.
  4. EFT – How to overcome regret, shame, self-judgment and body image issues

Homework: Rewriting the story of your past, no matter how good, bad or indifferent your past was. (free downloadable MP3)

The next 30 days you will meet and Reveal your authentic self. That positive, powerful, all-knowing part of you that is unfailingly brave, brilliant and fun, and you will develop the skills to stay in alignment with your highest good and best self.

Remember those unfulfilled resolutions? Yup, that’s what we are targeting here. HOW to do what you say you want to do.

  1. Find your Fetish! Field Trip! Toy store and thrift store fun!
  2. Laugh! How to burlesque your world and find joy in the everyday.
  3. Hypnosis-How to be the you, you were meant to me.
  4. Burlesque Routine! Strip out of your masks and covers and reveal your sparkly joy!

Homework: Writing your present and Accepting Unconditionally where you are, the state of your world, and HOW to deal with it all!

The final 30 days you will Re-Choreograph your life going forward. You will set clear, meaningful goals and then reverse engineer the path to your dreams. Not only will we break down the actual practical steps to get there, we will also break down the EMOTIONAL and spiritual steps needed to keep you in alignment with you goals. After all, we can’t achieve in one realm alone, we have to change on all levels.

  1. Goal setting on ALL levels – a vision board for your body, mind and spirit.
  2. Boundaries, communication styles, yoga, the chakra walk and unenlightened individuals in your midst.
  3. Navigating the negative. Hypnosis to get you through the tough times with ease and grace.
  4. Trust in your Truth-Affirmative prayer, prayer, communicating with your angels, guides, tuning into the god/goddess within.

Homework: Creating your future, reverse engineering your dreams, and making it ALL come true!

Enrollment is only open for a limited time!
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