Ways to Work and Play With Me

FLAUNT! Find Your Sparkle Workshop

Drop Your Cover, Reveal Your Authentic Self & Fall in Love With YOU!

FLAUNT! Find Your Sparkle workshop is a full day, immersive experience for high achieving women who are ready to reconnect with their joy and fall back in love with themselves, so they can banish burnout, overcome overwhelm and make themselves a priority in the life they’ve worked so hard to create.

By the end of the program, participants will know how to authentically reveal themselves in a variety of situations both personally and professionally, access their female intuition with competence and clarity, move comfortably with power and purpose, no matter what their level of fitness or size of their dress, create and sustain loving boundaries in order to nourish and nurture both themselves and their loved ones and perfect skills that will allow them to overcome bad habits and create healthy behaviors that will sustain them for the rest of their lives.

FLAUNT! 90 Days to Find Your Sparkle!

Group Coaching Program

The FLAUNT! Find Your Sparkle! Group Coaching Program is a 90-day coaching experience designed for women who are ready for massive shifts in how they show up, participate and enjoy their own life. Designed to facilitate a deep understanding of the forces that shaped the women they are today, develop a practical understanding of a variety of tools to catalyze lasting behavioral and emotional change, utilize their intuitive, feminine intelligence, and adore their bodies exactly as they are today.

Through the experiential program, delivered via weekly coaching calls, online support materials, and an individualized session, participants discover how to:

  • Recognize and Release limiting beliefs, behaviors, habits and scripts.
  • Reveal with confidence and authenticity, all facets of who they are in everything they do.
  • Re-Choreograph their lives and relationships with clarity and joy.

The Find your Sparkle 90 Day Coaching experience culminates with admission to the FLAUNT! Find Your Sparkle Workshop, a LIVE, full day immersive program where participants connect deeply with other women, revel in the joy of embodied, feminine movement, experiment with life-altering tools and techniques, and glean insight after insight about themselves, their world and the direction of their sparkly new life!

FLAUNT! Sparkle Your World!

Destination Retreat

Are you ready to move beyond finding your sparkle, and discover how to incorporate that sparkle, passion and joy into every part of your world? Then join a carefully selected group of high achieving women who are ready to take action and catapult their lives to the levels they desire and deserve, but may not have had the tools or time to accomplish.

Spend an unforgettable two and a half days of profound connection, growth and revelation at a beautiful Victorian home surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Slip into the soul healing waters of the natural hot springs, where you and your soul-goddess sisters will ditch guilt, exhaustion and overwhelm and put yourself back on your own to-do list!

Expect to laugh, cry, dance, and play as you develop lifelong connections with women as you bare your soul, release internalized pain, mirror the authentic essence of those around you, cheerlead the birth and development of authentic power, and fall in love with your beautiful self as you are, not as others have created you to be.

Participants will leave with:

  • The ability to find and feel deep joy, no matter what the external situation.
  • Solid awareness of all aspects of their true, authentic – dare I say SPARKLY? – self.
  • Certainty about the direction of their future, as well with the ability to facilitate the changes they desire.
  • Body confidence, and the ability to wear what they want, do what they want and live comfortably in their own skin, at any age, size or condition.
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VIPlay Live Your Sparkle! Exclusive

2 Day Beach Retreat for you, or you and a friend Satellite Beach, Florida, by reservation only

VIP Days are designed for the women who is tired of wasting time, getting distracted in her quest for self-discovery and stalling out, never really implementing the changes she so deeply desires and deserves, and who thrives with soulful, authentic one-on-one connection and personalized learning.

During a VIP Day, women can:

  • Delve deep into the experiences and belief systems that created the women they are today, so they can understand and fully integrate – or release – the impact of the past.
  • Identify and cull limiting belief patterns, traumas and habitual behaviors so they can fall in love with themselves, and live a life of their choosing, with intention, instead of reaction.
  • Select and fully develop a playful alter-ego that they can use to rely on when times get tough, to ensure that they always have access to the most authentic parts of their soul and self.
  • Connect – and fall deeply in love with – with the authentic woman they are inside, exclusive of their title, label, role, scripts or identity in relation to others.
  • Sculpt a powerful body-mind connection that enable them to embrace all aspects of their being with comfort, grace and ease, so they can show up fully and be seen in all situations.
  • Develop actionable wellness goals – from an individualized fitness plan rooted in passion, play and enjoyment, to clearing the subconscious reasons for dis-ease in the body, to nutrition, feeding and eating with love and intention — and the alignment of the body, mind and spirit.
  • Create an action plan for the next chapter of their lives, both professionally and personally, and receive continued support in the facilitation of that plan.

All VIP Days include 2, 60-minute virtual coaching follow-up sessions.


1:1 Life Choreography® Sessions

Maybe your schedule demands individualized sessions, on your own time? Perhaps you are not quite ready for the full, sparkly immersion into your own heart and soul, but feel called to begin revealing yourself fully, and falling deeply in love with your body and your life? Work with me virtually or in person, so you can take charge of your life, your emotions and your experience and be the fully healed, whole, complete and confident woman you deserve to be. Let’s talk about your dreams and how I can help you build your dreams and live your sparkle!