Sparkle Your World Destination Retreat
Are you facing, or about to face, some sort of transition? Empty nesting? Reentry into the work force? Divorce? Or perhaps you are just at a point in your life where you know you want things to be different, but you aren’t quite sure how to get there.

If you are anything like me, you work really hard at being good, kind, patient, loving, calm, and centered. You strive to approach life in a thoughtful way, so as to create meaningful connections and plenty of good karma.

And then…

You are unfairly passed over for the promotion that you rightfully earned, by the young male associate that you trained.

Your partner doesn’t do the cleaning they swore up and down they would do. It’s ten minutes until your dinner guests arrive, laundry is on the couch and your home is not vacuumed.

You get a call from the principal informing you that, although your child was the one being bullied, she is being suspended for defending herself because schools have a zero-tolerance policy.

Your hard drive crashes the week before you were going to, finally, sit down and back up the last three years’ worth of photos.

Your ex – once again – refuses to cooperate and the kids are shut out of time with their cousins.

No matter how hard you try, you simply can’t make it to the gym or find any sort of me-time. And you are starting to feel (and look) so unlike yourself that you sometimes wonder who you are and what happened to the life you were so excited to create.

Whatever the trigger, not being able to maintain our own center is problematic to our physical health, our mental well-being and our intellectual capacity.

It creates health issues such as adrenal fatigue, chronic pain, diabetes, weight gain and accelerated aging. Yes, aging!

It impacts relationships with those we love the most, increases our burnout rate at work and decreases productivity and career satisfaction. What are you modeling for your kids, coworkers, friends and family when you lash out with blame or anger or shut down and internalize your resentment and rage?

And worst of all, it disconnects us from ourselves, from the kind of women we hope to be, and from our fulfillment in living the kind of life to which we aspire.

Instead of living life, we simply manage it; never getting off the hamster wheel, never really enjoying everything we have worked so hard to create.

1:1 Life Choreography®  Sessions
Join me for a weekend where you can break away from it ALL!
Imagine what would life be like if you stayed centered in exactly who you are, no matter what storms raged around you. Imagine if toxic people, difficult conversations and frustrating situations no longer undid you, your sense of peace or your internal assurance that what you are doing is absolutely correct.

Reconnect to your own center, create a plan and find the right tools to align your body, mind and emotions so you can live every day, no matter what the external circumstances, from a place of fulfillment and satisfaction.

You will have the opportunity to:
  • Connect to your divine center and learn how to anchor into who you are, unconditionally, no matter what is going on around you, so you can always feel safe, secure and be the voice of reason.
  • Experience divine, feminine, embodied movement so you can fall back in love with your body and all that it’s capable of right now, setting yourself up for better health at a deeper level.
  • Remember the lost art of play and reacquaint yourself with creativity, joy and connection so you can break out of the status quo and excel personally as well as professionally.
  • Find new ways to connect with and experience spirit every day, on your own terms, so you can integrate your intuition exquisitely into your everyday life.
transitive verb: spar·kle | ˈspär-kə: to glitter or shine.

In order for gems to sparkle most brilliantly, all facets of that gem must be exposed. If we want to sparkle as brilliantly as we are capable of sparkling, we must expose all facets of who we are inside.

Who are Sparkle Your World Destination Retreats for?

You have already begun to use the five steps of FLAUNT! to release your labels, roles and scripts, reveal all that you are inside and re-choreograph a life of your dreams. But now it’s time to take things further. It’s time to take those concepts deeper and to integrate them fully into your being so they become part of your new subconscious programming and you begin expressing yourself, living, creating, loving and being, instead of always doing, doing, doing (and worrying that you aren’t doing it good enough!)

You need this if…
  • you suspect that there’s something more than always hustling, doing more and trying harder
  • you have the desire to really live life and to fully experience and enjoy everything that you do
  • you crave meaningful connection and have a desire to know people in your life on a more intimate level, and
  • you want to tumble into bed at night, filled with satisfaction and gratitude instead of stress and exhaustion

Then SPARKLE Your World Destination Retreats are for you because they help you take everything that you dream is possible, joyfully to the next level!

Intuitive energy reading

If you are you ready to not only FLAUNT! but to SPARKLE, then join me in Beautiful Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Payment Plans ARE available!

Because I will be debuting new content, I am offering this destination retreat at a significantly discounted rate of $997-$1,037 (depending on the room) which includes two nights lodging; breakfasts included. Retreats of this length and caliber typically go for between $3,000 and $5,000, and next February’s retreat will be priced accordingly. So, you can see that what I’m offering is a smoking hot deal!

Banish the fear of exposure, of not being enough—once and for all!


During our powerful yet playful day together, you will dive into individual, small group, and full group activities that crystalize your awareness of exactly who you are and what you want, create an unshakable sense of worth, and put sparkle and joy back into your life!