The top 3 ways you betray yourself every day

and how to stop

I’ve been there too. It’s not burnout  it’s betrayal, and unless you address the ways you’ve been betrayed at work – and betrayed yourself by seeking to please, conform, and perform, then it’s not going to get better.

You can stay healthy and happy in your career for the long haul, stop the burnout/self-care cycle, and find the satisfaction and fulfillment you crave both professionally and personally,

Let me show you how!


What is it all about?

As a corporate attorney I did everything I could to succeed. I bit my tongue and did what was asked without push back, toned down my naturally enthusiastic personality and made an effort to “act lawyerly,” and sacrificed personal time to work late to stay on top of my game.

Until I realized, the only person I was hurting was me. I was sabotaging my career by giving my power over to others and burning myself out by living at an unsustainable pace.

This guide details the top three ways women betray themselves every day and unintentionally sabotage their career and wear themselves down - and how to stop!

Betrayal Recovery Guide

Considering leaving your job? Unsure if it's burnout or betrayal?

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In order for each of us to fully express our gifts in the world, we must combine both the masculine and feminine parts in ourselves--the drive on the one hand, and what Lora calls the "sparkle" on the other. Whatever you desire to create in your life, Lora's combination of practical insight and contagious enthusiasm will help you get there."
Kelly Notaras
author of The Book You Were Born to Write