The Joy of Chaos

The Joy of Cooking and The Joy of Sex are the two books that I thought of during a session with a client last week. No, the session was not about cooking or sex, and quite frankly it wasn’t exactly about joy either. It was about chaos and the frustration of always having to deal with chaos.

If you are anything like me or my client I guess that you, too, have your fair share of chaos that you deal with daily. No matter how organized, prepared or positive I am, the dog inevitably vomits on the floor at the worst possible moment, I realize I’m totally out of gas as I’m late to a meeting or that for some reason I have no shoes that work with my otherwise perfectly planned outfit. Yup! That’s a small level of chaos.

And then there’s the big stuff. Accidents, illnesses, the loss of a job, marriage, pets or even people. And what happens to your perfectly planned life? You guessed it; dread, sadness, shame, fear, CHAOS! Which is bad, right? Wrong!

I just had a Moment of Clarity…

Let me walk you through the scenario of my session with my client so you can see what I’m talking about.

Client: I just want some peace and calm in my life! I’m tired of always working, always seeking, always realizing there is more work to be done, always digging, doing more and having aha moment after aha moment, but never getting to sit back and relax! I just want some peace sometimes. To hang out and be.

Lora: I hear you. Let me check in with my guides and your angels. OK, what I’m hearing is that you keep saying that you want to know more. That you want to understand it all. That you want to grow spiritually, that you want to live to your fullest potential and achieve your highest good. Is that right?

Client: Yes. And?

Lora: OK, earlier in our session you talked about the movie Pulp Fiction and the “moment of clarity” where, in the middle of all hell breaking loose, the character in that movie calmly said that he just had a moment of clarity. Your guides were right on and they were telling you what you needed to know there. What happens right before a moment of clarity? Either in real life or in the movie?

Client: Total chaos. Oh. I get it…

Lora: Yup, you can’t have aha moments when things are peaceful. You can’t have moments of clarity when everything has been perfectly organized and under control. Aha moments only come after chaos. Moments of clarity only happen because of the confusion that you have been living. Every time you ask to know more, to develop spiritually and to reach your highest good, you are asking for chaos. Because you are asking to grow and you are asking for clarity. Make sense?

Client: (Laughing) Yes, but it seems kind of backward.

Lora: Totally! So, if you truly want peace and moments of calm in your life, what you need to ask for is to stop the growth for a while. Stop asking for understanding and insight and give yourself the chance to truly just be. Got it?

Client: Absolutely! <3

What Kind of Joy are YOU Harvesting this season?

So how about you? What are you asking for and are you harvesting the joy that the chaos in your life is bringing? If you haven’t already, join me on Instagram and YouTube and get inspired to Harvest every last bit of JOY from this decade! I’m posting daily inspiration and gratitude on Instagram and doing a weekly wonderment video on YouTube that will help shift your mindset from weariness and dread to joy, excitement and pure wonder!

Why? Because those moments of clarity feel so darned good! And I know you are going to want more, which means…chaos! So let’s work together, expect the metaphoric shoot out, a blow-up of our life, and instead of resisting the messes, consciously dig in and harvest every last bit of joy our of our messiest chaos.

Lora Cheadle, Betrayal Recovery Expert

Lora Cheadle, Betrayal Recovery Expert

Author, speaker and Burnout & Betrayal Recovery Coach, Lora Cheadle help women rebuild their identity and self-worth so they can find the courage to claim what’s possible on the other side of betrayal.

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