Spiritual Spring Cleaning and the Art of Self-Care

Spiritual Spring Cleaning and the Art of Self-Care

Spring is here, which means it’s time for spring cleaning! While you may be thinking, “wait a second Lora, spring cleaning sounds nothing like self-care to me” our surroundings deeply impact both our mental state and our sense of well-being. So yes, spring cleaning is an act of self-care, and when it is approached from a place of love, spirituality, and devotion, it can be more fulfilling than you may have ever imagined before. We take care of what we love, so as far as I’m concerned, the words cleaning and loving are interchangeable.

To keep things simple, I will be doing two brief blogs on spring cleaning;

One on cleaning/loving our surroundings, and

One on cleaning/loving ourselves.

Why are these blogs going to be brief? Because there have already been volumes written about how to clean your surroundings and how to cleanse your body and there’s nothing new that I can provide. A Google search or a trip to the library will provide you all the information you need about how to clean out or cleanse.

What I want to do is provide you with a different perspective about cleaning out, why we do it, our intention around cleaning, and how it might benefit us in ways we may not have considered.

The Connection Between Environment and Mental Health

Everything around us provides us with sensory input. Everything we see, hear, feel, taste, smell and intuit provides us with information. Our brains, like any computer, have limited capacity. Quite simply, the more unnecessary information we fill our brains with, the less room we leave for important information.

Having stuff around us that we don’t love distracts us from what we want to accomplish by taking up needless brain space.

No, you don’t have to be a minimalist, but surrounding yourself with things that are peaceful and pleasing to you will make you happier, more serene, centered, and in touch with your own wants and needs. We all prefer different types of surroundings. We all have different preferences in sound, lighting and scent, so experiment and take the time to figure out what works best for you.

Go through each of your five senses and determine what brings you joy and makes you feel harmonious and happy. The choices are all yours.

The Five Senses

  • Sight: Lighting, natural or dimmed, windows, color, white space, cozy piles of stuff, neat stacks, baskets, drawers, plants or pictures.
  • Sound: Silence, ambient sound, classical music, music with a heavy beat or lyrics.
  • Smell: No smell, fresh clean scent, floral, candles, incense, or food.
  • Touch: Hand cream for dry skin, pens or pencils that feel good to the touch, temperature, hot, cold, fabrics, textures, and the types of chairs you prefer.
  • Taste: Water, fresh mouth, mint, gum, coffee, sweet, salty, spicy or bland.

The Self-Care Practice of Honoring YOUR Personal Preference to Honor You!

Your personal preference is your personal preference, nothing is right or wrong. Take some time and notice what feels good to you and make changes based on that. If you feel stressed walking into a sterile room, add plants or color or pictures or something that makes you feel peaceful. If clutter stresses you out, clean out, organize or find baskets or drawers to hide away all that stresses you out.

Cleaning out doesn’t necessarily mean throwing stuff away or donating it, (although those are wonderful ideas!) but it does mean cleaning out everything in your surroundings that stresses you out and don’t bring you joy and peace.

Love it or leave it, it’s that simple!

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  1. Lora,
    I completely agree with you, I went through and extremely downsized this past Fall and Winter for our move to North Dakota and found myself energized and accomplished. Felt so good to donate things I was lugging around for years! I was happy to finally let go of items that charitable organizations dear to my heart were going to raise money with those donations and still bring joy to families who would need those beautiful items and make use of them instead of being packed up and not enjoyed by anyone!
    Due to the space and shoestring budget to move we only brought essentials to move into a one bedroom apartment. With your words of inspiration I will get back into my cleaning routine and see if I can’t organize our household paperwork! I must admit I have been sad and withdrawn lately due to the loss of my beloved pet a few days before my birthday in May. I know that pain is deep and will be experiencing it again with the 10th Anniversary of my mom’s passing on the 18th of June. I decided to go get one of those voice assistants to cheer up my environment with music as I get back in to the weekly cleaning schedule and keep our place tidy for hopefully a visit from my friend from California who has been the only one who wants to actually visit this Summer.
    So thank you Lora, for being a positive and uplifting joy!

    1. Sending you much love on losing your fur baby and on the upcoming anniversary of losing your mom. That is so hard. I love all that you have done to take care of YOU. Stay strong and be joyful and light!