Martina Barnes

Top take-a-ways:

The science of intuition and using the intelligence of the whole brain.
The relationship between emotion, anxiety, and intuition.
How and why children lose their intuitive abilities and an exercise to reclaim them.

Did you know that intuition is just another form of intelligence? And just like you can get better at math or science, you can get better at intuition too. Especially when you feel loved, supported, and free from judgment.

If you are ready to make life more serene, to quit feeling crazy, and to step into your own reliable personal power, then it’s time to pay attention to your intuition.

Exploring everything from anxiety, racism, a childhood sixth-sense, how to deal with conflicting intuitive messages, and understanding how the way we were raised impacted our intuitive abilities, this show takes a deep and enlightening dive into all things intuition.

Martina G Barnes, MS, LCMHC and author of Author of The Meditation Doctor, is a Master Intuitive, speaker, women’s empowerment coach, entrepreneur and licensed psychotherapist, Martina Barnes, partners with high-achieving women, business professionals and leaders to develop critical intuitive intelligence skills so they can harness new levels of power, purpose and inner guidance.

Martina’s 30+ years professional experience includes extensive training in economics, applied neuroscience and advanced certifications in the mystery arts of meditation and intuition. Martina’s proven approach has made her a sought-out teacher and facilitator for individuals, business groups and nonprofits.

Martina firmly believes that all our answers lie within. She uses her natural and learned abilities to see deeply into another’s psyche to facilitate accelerated learning in an environment that is safe and enjoyable.

Learn more at: where you can take her free Reliable Personal Power Quiz!

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