Craig Kolavo

Craig Kolavo, business man, seeker, motivator and author of I am God In disguise, So are You believes that there are three simple steps that all humans – all souls are here to do: Discover – Surrender – Inspire.

Discover: First, we must discover who we truly are. During our time on Earth, as humans, we forget that we are divine. We forget that we are truly God in disguise and that we are our divine nature, not our human body or even our human experience.

Surrender: Once we awaken that sleeping giant within, we are faced with the question of surrendering or fighting against that divine nature. Which begs the question, what’s in it for me? Which is totally normal to ask! After all, we are still human!

Although many people believe that surrendering is a passive act, where we no longer enjoy or benefit from our material world, Craig is quick to point out that could not be further from the truth! Surrendering to the divine has benefits to our health, our personal life and to our professional life as well. In Craig’s case, surrendering to the divine let to finding the woman of his dreams and building a successful career beyond what he thought was possible.

Inspire: Finally, it is our sacred duty to inspire others on their journey. Which is part of the reason that Craig wrote his book, which he calls a roadmap. Although it started out as writing down his experiences as a way to inspire his kids, it quickly became a full-fledged book that thrust Craig into the spotlight, where he shares his mission of simplifying and demystifying spiritual concepts that will benefit us all.

I Am God in DisguiseI Am God in Disguise is a call to action to rediscover our spiritual nature, and be intentional about our collective purpose as human beings. Are you ready to head the call?

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