Humans & Dance

Throughout all cultures, throughout all time, humans have danced. They dance to celebrate or grieve, prepare for a hunt, beg for rain, or bond together as a community or tribe. Dance is the ability to move in time to music and is uniquely human. No other animal makes or moves to music the way humans do!

What are the benefits of dance, why is it so vital to humans, and how can we utilize dance in our everyday lives, right now, to feel better? Tune in and find out the power of dance as a means of:

1)      Communication,
2)      Bonding,
3)      Ceremony & Ritual,
4)      Healing, and
5)      Expression

FREE MONTH of Zoom dance classes for women of all ages, sizes, and abilities!

Whether it’s community, healing, expression or fun, join Lora for FREE dance classes all April long!


Burlesque & Bubbly (perfect for connection, bonding, and full self-expression)

Come learn a lightly choreographed dance routine (think line dancing or YMCA!) followed by discussion about how moving your body in a flirty, fun, and sexy way makes you feel. Strip out of the stress of the week and go into the weekend feeling strong, confident, and deeply in love with your own beautiful body!

Fridays at 3 PST/4 MST/6 CST/7 EST
Zoom Link at


Yogalesque (perfect for healing, ceremony & full self-expression)

Join me every Sunday where we will use the sacred power of the chakras and the creativity of burlesque to move, process, heal, and become all that we most deeply desire to become. Connect with source, discover yourself, and move into the week with intention, clarity, and purpose.

Sundays at 8 PST/9 MST/10 CST/11 EST
Zoom Link at