New Year's Resolutions manifesting

If you’re anything like me, you’ve set, and then failed at, a New Year’s Resolution before. Whether it’s an attempt to manifest your way out of debt or pain, or into a new car or relationship, too many people fail when they really want to succeed.

Contrary to popular belief, sticking to your resolutions or manifesting your dream life is not hard! The steps you read about online and in books are not wrong. It’s just that they leave out the Number One Most Important First Step. Which you will learn about in this show!



Top take-a-ways:
  • The Number One most important thing to do in manifesting or setting a New Year’s Resolution.
  • Why manifesting is a process instead of an action and how to use that process.
  • The power of being and embodying how you want to be in 2023.

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Tune in all of January, where you will learn:

1)     How to set an intention for yourself in 2023, so you can overcome heartbreak, untangle from the pain and thrive!

2)     The art of mapping out your journey instead of merely claiming what you want and then not knowing how to get there, and how music can keep you engaged.

3)     Using costumes, props, and play to keep you motivated throughout the difficult times and remind you of what it is you are seeking to become.

4)     How to choreograph the next chapter of your life, your way, with enthusiasm and joy, even when you feel like you are too broken and can never be happy or successful again.


Lora Cheadle is an infidelity survivor and Betrayal Recovery Coach who uses the concepts in burlesque to help women reclaim their identity and self-worth after betrayal so they can untangle from the past, overcome obsessive thoughts, and learn to trust themselves again so they can move forward with confidence, embrace their sexy, and create a life they love!

Download your Sparkle After Betrayal Recovery Guide at and start reclaiming yourself and your life today!

Untangle yourself from the past, reclaim your power, and own your worth so you can create a future you love on your own terms. All with a wink and a smile!


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