Drew Linsalada

While anxiety is a normal part of life that each of us will experience time and again over the course of a lifetime, Anxiety Disorder is different. It’s the fear of the anxiety itself, where the fear of anxiety fuels itself and spirals you into more anxiety, which leads to agoraphobia, which leads to depression. No matter what level of anxiety, everything you need to fix this problem is already inside of you.

Top Take-a-ways:

  • Why “self-care” and “giving yourself a break” actually conditions you to be more anxious.
  • How being Afraid and Safe is a helpful state to be in to learn to manage anxiety.
  • Why you are not broken, even if you have tried many different remedies to address anxiety – yet none of them have worked.
  • The importance of finding the right therapist and relying on yourself instead of anything that is outside of you, and your control.


Drew was once afraid, anxious, confused and lost. Crippled with panic attacks, trapped by agoraphobia, and riddled with constant anxiety, he almost lost everything important in his life as his world became smaller and smaller. Using behavioral science, courage, tenacity, consistency, and an unquenchable desire to overcome these problems once and for all he was able to recover completely.

He is the author of The Anxious Truth and An Anxiety Story and host of The Anxious Truth Podcast.

Learn more, and download his books for free at https://theanxioustruth.com