Twenty years ago, Kim “Skipper” Corbin took off skipping. It was the first time since childhood that she had tried the playful bounce-step-hop move and she was so inspired by the instant spark of joy it brought, that she invited the world to join her. Kim started a skipping movement and she’s been skipping ever since.

Highlights of her story include a flurry of media coverage featuring Kim and her unmatched zeal for the amazing benefits skipping brings the body, mind, and soul in The San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, Time, People, Newsweek, the BBC, CNN, Shape, Fitness, Sports Illustrated for Women, Prevention Magazine, and more.

But it hasn’t been all fun and games. After quitting her corporate job to pour her heart and soul into following her passion, Kim skipped her way right into financial ruin. However, even though this challenge was a hard blow to take, she didn’t let it stop her and she bounced back with more enthusiasm than ever.

Now a Senior Publicist at the book publisher New World Library, Kim still keeps one foot in the skipping movement she started. In fact, she has a book of her own in the works and recently created a fun 21-Day Skipping Experiment to inspire even more adults to give a skipping practice a try.

On this episode, we talk all about following your passion, the power of perseverance, and how to skip your way to health, happiness, and fun!