Vidya Ragu

Breaking habits is hard! Whether it’s stop-smoking, cutting out sweets, exercising regularly, going to bed on time or putting your clothes away instead of tossing them on the closet floor, there are a million different things that we intend to do, that we oftentimes don’t! And contrary to popular belief, failing to break a bad habit does not mean that we are weak-willed or that we don’t want what we say we want.

Practical ways to break bad habits easily

If you have you ever felt like you were stuck in a pattern, locked into certain behaviors, or were living in an endless loop of familiarity and same-old-same-old, that you couldn’t seem to overcome, then this show is for you!

For most people, even though the desire to change might be a strong, conscious desire, they still want that change to be as seamless and pain-free as possible. Most people stay in their comfortably familiar territory because it is comfortable and familiar! Change is stressful, and nobody in their right mind chooses to move themselves from a safe, familiar location to an unknown destination.

Why Change is Difficult for Humans

And therein lies the problem! For most of us, even though we want the change, we are too scared to move ourselves out of what we know and into something we don’t know. Which is where Vidya Ragu, one of India’s Leading Learning and Development Specialists comes in. In today’s show, she and Lora discuss practical ways to make that jump – from the safety of our known world to the joy, satisfaction and safety of the unknown, that we desire, but are too scared to attain.

Vidya is the author of the upcoming book, Shed Fears not Tears, which helps people move into the life they desire with ease and grace. She is an International trainer, an award winning entrepreneur, a certified mentor, and has been featured as an expert panelist on many news and television shows, as well as on radio and in leading print media.

How to Live Your Best Life Without Stress, Pain or Fear

Join us in moving out of our primitive, limited brains that compel us to stay stuck and small and learn how to break free, play with passion and achieve the happier and more joyful existence that we aspire to, with laughter and smiles.

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