Shadow work

Shadow work is important any time, but especially when healing from infidelity. All humans are a mix of light and dark, positive and negative, good and bad. Ironically, in times of conflict, we tend to see ourselves in the best possible light and our significant other in the worst possible light. This sets up a victim/perpetrator dynamic that creates more contrast and pain and cuts us off from our own power. Shadow work is one way that can break that dynamic, move you out of victim mode, and empower you to take responsibility for you own healing, even if your partner refuses to cooperate or you fear that you are too broken.

Top Take-a-Ways:
  • The difference between therapy and coaching and how shadow work in coaching can change the way you react and respond immediately, no years of talking required!
  • How homing in on what irritates you the most about others can help you see your own blocks, blind spots, and shadows.
  • Why our best qualities and traits are often masks for our darkest shadows.
  • Accessing the pain beneath the shadow.

Lora Cheadle is an infidelity survivor who helps women ready to move past the heartbreak, grief, and pain and claim what’s possible for them on the other side of infidelity.


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