Robert Kandell on unHIDDEN – A Book for Men and Those Who Are Confused By Them


Women are making huge advances in our world. In many regards, it truly is The Age of The Woman, and thankfully, the female perspective is becoming much more common and accepted. More women are in positions of power than ever before, the wage gap is closing, and women around the world are slowly but steadily receiving the same legal status and protection as men.

But what about the men? Wait, What? Men have all the privilege, don’t they? Men don’t have anything to worry about. They have rights, power, authority and a long history of being the ones on top. What could men possibly have to worry about?

Actually, men have been just as covered, just as boxed into stereotypes as women have, albeit in many different ways. No, not all men are traditionally manly. Men who are stay-at-home-dads or who hold traditionally feminine jobs such as preschool teacher are looked upon with a certain amount of disdain or confusion from other men. So are men who show too many feelings. But the thing is, men have feelings too! It is just as valid for a man to want to melt into tears as a woman, but it is not as socially acceptable.

Tree, there are differences between men and women, (there are differences among women and among men as well!) but as it has become less and less alright to act in traditionally masculine ways, many men have been left confused. If they can’t be the kind of man they were raised to be, or if the kind of man they were told they should be does not fit with who they are inside, then who can they be? Many men have been left wondering who they really are and how they can express themselves. Not only to women but to other men and most importantly, to themselves.

As a result, men are left feeling frustrated, aggressive, angry or apathetic and shut down. Yes, women need a revolution, but men need theirs too!

Fortunately, we have men such as Robert Kandell, author of UnHIDDEN, a Book For Men and Those Confused By Them. He believes that men want to uncover their true selves, just as women are starting to do, so they can love, provide, and feel connected to their true purpose. When men take off their own masks and learn to live unHIDDEN, they can change their life, as well as the lives of those who love them.

Yes, it takes awareness and a willingness to confront beliefs and patterns passed down from generation to generation, but the reward is undoubtedly worthwhile. UnHidden is a pragmatic guide that compiles 18 years of experience and tens of thousands of client sessions into a simple step-by-step blueprint for turning men’s, and women who love them, lives around. This book is Man’s key to evolving from their current status quo to a true, authentic man.

Let’s change the trajectory.

It’s time to live…


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