Kellita Maloof

Have you experienced some sort of trauma? Do you feel disconnected, ungrounded, or “lonely for your own sweet self?” Have you ever felt that it’s not safe to be you, or upon leaving a situation, realized how toxic it really was? Highly sensitive are more prone to incurring trauma and have a more difficult time processing that trauma after it has occurred. Conscious burlesque can help.

Top take-a-ways:

  • The difference between “Boom-boom” and ”drip-drip trauma” and what to do about both.
  • Sensitive vs. hardiness and how your innate level of sensitivity impacts the way you perceive and process information.
  • How to know and acknowledging your needs and wants, even when you are not being responded to.
  • Nourishing yourself in a world that values self-sacrifice.
  • How to stay present in the moment and plan for how you want to be in the future.

For the last 20 years, Kellita Maloof has been working and creating at the intersection where burlesque dance meets attachment theory meets systemic healing meets individuation meets autoimmune recovery meets spirituality. 

She’s a Performing and Teaching Artist, Soulful Burlesque Mentor and Showgirl Shaman. She helps kind, smart, soulful, sensitive women who’ve been over-editing, over-managing and over-giving — and are attracted to dance theater and performance — to trust themselves & express themselves with confidence, presence & radiance. 

She integrates into her work over a decade of practice in transformative modalities, primarily Holographic NLP, EFT, Systemic Constellations and Interpersonal Neurobiology. Kellita’s mission is to support women in being SEEN on their own terms and in dusting off the fountain of Self-Love that was hiding right in the center of their very own shimmy.

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