Maureen Theresa Smith

More than half the population of the world has, had, or will have a period. Menstrual cycles typically last about 40 years — if you break that down to getting your period once a month, that’s 480 menstrual cycles a woman could experience in her life (if not more)! But there is still a taboo in our culture around talking about menstruation. Author and mother of a tween girl, Maureen Theresa Smith wants to change this. She wants to help make not only a girl’s first period, but all her periods to come, a time of celebration, inspiration, self-nurturing, and wisdom. Your Moontime Magic: A Girl’s Guide to Getting Your Period and Loving Your Body is just the book to give to a girl who is about to take, or has recently taken, the next step in growing up.



Maureen Theresa Smith is the author of Your Moontime Magic and First Moon. She offers visionary coaching to girls and women in times of transition, as well as facilitating regular “Girls Circles” for tweens. She lives in Fairfax, California with her daughter Chloe. Find out more about her work at


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