Somatic dance for betrayal

Feeling “normal” again after infidelity or betrayal is a process that takes a combination of the right ingredients and the right actions. Learn how movement can help you process and heal so you can feel better fast!

Top take-a-ways:
  • What “somatic movement” is, what it does, and why it helps you recover from infidelity or betrayal.
  • Why recovering and healing is like baking cookies; you need the right ingredients, mixed together the right way, and baked in an oven set at the right temperature for the right length of time, or you won’t get the result you desire!
  • The difference between masculine (structure) and feminine (flow) and how to use both in order to heal your pain and create the kind of future you desire.
  • Using the power of dance, choreography, and movement to understand and bring awareness to your internal experience.



You are cordially invited to the REPLAY of Lora’s free

‘A Little Party Never Killed Nobody’ Somatic Movement Experience!

Wear something comfortable to move in, and have a large, button-up shirt, bra (that you will wear on the outside of your clothes as props for what you are releasing) and water on hand as we’re going to learn the choreography to a fun dance routine.

Lora Cheadle is an infidelity survivor who uses the concepts in burlesque to help women reclaim their identity and self-worth after betrayal so they can move forward with confidence, embrace their sexy, and create a life they love! Untangle yourself from the past, release judgment, and uncover the power, beauty, and joy that’s been inside you all along. All with a wink and a smile!

Download your Sparkle After Betrayal Recovery Guide at and start reclaiming yourself and your life today!