Are you ready to get off the diet roller coaster, lose weight permanently, and feel great? So many of us spend years (or even decades) messing around with fad diets, beating up on ourselves and our bodies, and limiting the way we live because of our obsession with food. If you are ready to stop stressing, stop denying yourself, and start feeding your soul and your body with love, so you can live your life with joy, health and happiness, then this is the show for you!

Carly Pollack, author of Feed Your Soul and the founder of Nutritional Wisdom, knows what it’s like to tie your sense of worth to the way your body looks or to what size you wear. She understands the fact that most of us (even if we intellectually know better) are at least somewhat a victim of society’s unrealistic view of bodies, health and fitness.

She has an extensive background in health, nutrition and fitness, as well as years of practical experience helping hundreds of women get happy and healthy permanently. She believes that the most important component of weight loss is the mind! In fact, one of her sayings is,

“Our plate is a reflection of our inner state.”

How does your eating and food behavior change based on your mental state? What are the stories and beliefs that come up from your mind and impact the way that you eat? Until we change our views, we will never be able to shift our behaviors. And when it comes to our health, what’s the point of short-term weight loss or healthy eating anyways? Carly’s jam (food pun intended!) is creating a permanent change, which can only happen from the inside out.