Minnku Buttar

In today’s world, we are always driving forward, pushing for more, and expecting creativity to flourish on demand. As a result, many of us claim that we “aren’t creative, don’t need art in our lives” or that “pursuing something we love is a waste of time”

But what if none of that was true? What if you really chose to step back, replenish yourself and your soul? What if you surrendered? Which is exactly what we, as holistic beings, sometimes need!

Minnku Buttar believes that “creativity happens when you surrender” and she is living proof of such beauty. She is an avid photographer whose photos have won her awards among stiff competition. As an Artist, she has clients such as Microsoft, Mumbai, and her paintings and installations have been sold at Art Bengaluru.

She is the Founder and Designer of “*Minksse*” – a very unique Fashion Label that has been seen in Bangalore Fashion shows and recently in Mysore Fashion Week. Her work stands out as she juxtaposes various art forms and photography to transfer art onto Fabrics, as she believes art should not be only for the walls.

She is the Chairperson of Fashion Chapter of Karnataka, ALL ( All ladies league), which acclaims 90,000 members worldwide and recently received “Woman of Excellence” Award, at Women Economic Forum, Delhi, 2018.

The Women Economic Forum brings together passionate, creative, intelligent women from all over the world, allowing them the chance to network and socialize in a deeply feminine, holistic manner. When relationships are forged, as opposed to just contacts, the world changes for the better, and the level of peace and understanding rises significantly. In fact, the Women Economic Forum is gearing up for Mission Million in 2022, which seeks to bring together a million women from all over the world for connection, collaboration and joy.

As an active Social activist and Contributor, Minnku also spearheads the award winner “Waste Segregation at source ” project, and plays a Key role in all fund raising events with MNC partnerships, in aid and support of the NGO – Aim for Seva, in which a few thousand rural and tribal children receive value education at grass root levels.

Find out more at www.minnkubuttar.com.