Christina Flach

Last week we got a little more comfortable talking about death, and this week we are going to take it a step further and talk about grief, grace, and moving on after a tragedy. Today’s guest is no stranger to grief, and although she has been through the unimaginable on several occasions, she has navigated her grief with remarkable grace. Today’s show will provide tips and insight to anyone who feels swallowed up or paralyzed by their own sadness as well as helpful and lifesaving information about sepsis.

Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist, Christiana Flach is a CEO, makeup guru, widow, sepsis awareness advocate, fashion commentator, mom to four living children, and one who died. She (like so many of us) has been through a tremendous amount of grief. She lost her son at four months, her mother, and her husband Ken Flach tragically died after a brief bout of sepsis. As a kid, Christina sat by her mother’s side as she battled cancer and stood by until the very end. In 2006, Christina faced the unimaginable. Her infant son died on Christmas morning. In 2018, Christina’s husband, professional tennis player, Ken Flach, succumbed to sepsis.

Through all her battles with grief, Christina found new purpose and more to smile about, which she shares through universally inspirational anecdotes and conversations that can be summed up in one word. Grace.

Since the passing of Christina’s husband Ken, she has been dedicated to raising public awareness of the danger of sepsis, the symptoms to watch for, and the importance of receiving swift medical attention. She has partnered with Sepsis Alliance to produce awareness campaigns highlighting Ken’s story.

Christina is also the creator and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup, and she works on some of the most recognizable faces and for some of the top brands and publications in the world, and is a fashion commentator for Soap Digest Magazine.


Learn more about Christina at and about her makeup and services at

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