Singer and Songwriter Laura Cheadle Dishes with Radio Host, Lora Cheadle

Have you ever wanted to manifest something really big? Or even something kind of small, like a parking space? If you are like most people, the idea of manifesting your dreams is definitely exciting, but kind of intimidating as well! And when things seem to not be going as planned, it’s easy to fall into excuses. Perhaps some of these sound familiar?

-The people around me just aren’t cooperating!

-I don’t have everything I need! Or,

-OMG, this is way more work than I realized!

If you can relate, then it’s time to meet Laura Cheadle! Even though she grew up in a magical, musical family, her dreams and her way of playing music were a bit different. Yes, her family cooperated. Yes, she had the skills and the support she needed. But she still wanted something more!

Digging deep, she visualized opening for certain bands, touring with different musicians, creating her own brand of music, which was not the stereotypical pop that others sometimes thought she should sing. She did her own work, maintained laser-like focus, and sure enough, she is now opening and touring with the very groups she visualized!

She has made a name for herself and has won numerous award for her music, which is uniquely her own. A blend of blues, rock and funk, her voice, her sound and her talent is something that is truly her own. It has been described as mesmerizing, something that can be felt in the heart, with lyrics that speak to your soul. Eschewing things like blinding stage lights, overly done choreography, flashy costumes and other gimmicks that can sometimes take away from the raw, emotional power of music, Laura’s concerts and performances are the real thing; deep, emotional experiences that showcase her raw talent and the powerful connection that music can bring.

So, what are you going to manifest next? Like Laura, if you stay the course you will get there, despite what others around you do, or do not do!

And on a purely fun note, how AMAZING is that she and Lora have the same name, but with a different spelling? Yes, we wonder where the family connection in because clearly there must be one! The last name Cheadle originates in England, and it is Laura’s birth name and Lora’s married name. Clearly, it’s time to pull out the genealogy records!

You can find out more about singer/songwriter Laura Cheadle at and you can find out more about radio host and Life Choreographer, Lora Cheadle at and no matter how you spell it, and no matter which Lora or Laura you connect with, you are sure to have a wonderful experience!

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