Love addiction

Love is a good thing, right? Not when the longing for love turns out to be a Love Addiction. This Valentine’s Day, stop recycling the same relationship drama & disappointments, heal the past, dissolve the old patterns that are keeping you stuck, and finally find the love you deserve.


Top take-a-ways:
  • Hitting your “relationship rock bottom” and how to feel better and move on when you feel heartbroken and hopeless.
  • How love addiction impacts your life, relationships, and ambitions, and how to understand the difference between love addiction, being a hopeless romantic, and love sickness so you can break free once and for all.
  • Why the health and strength of your relationship is not up to you alone, and how to let go of shame, grief, and feeling like a failure when your partner has betrayed you.
  • Answering the question, “How much am I willing to put up with and for how long?” The importance of trusting your gut and having compassion for your wounded partner while still protecting yourself.
  • Why not-enoughness, and being unlovable are part of the human condition and why you don’t need to heal fully before you find your ideal love.



Giovanna helps her clients understand and heal their unhealthy relationship patterns and past so that they can enjoy the deep, fulfilling, secure and healthy relationship we all deserve. With more than twelve years of leadership and coaching experience, along with a certification in Mind-Body Therapy, trainings through the Gottman Institute and Giovanna’s own personal experience in healing from Love Addiction she helps her clients develop a rock-solid relationship with themselves and helps them navigate and remove their blocks to getting the love they crave.


Default Alt Tag for this pageGiovanna’s debut memoir Lovewell, Confessions of a Lovesick Woman is being released on Valentine’s Day 2022 and is available for preorder right now!

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Lora Cheadle is an infidelity survivor who uses the concepts in burlesque to help women reclaim their identity and self-worth after betrayal so they can move forward with confidence, embrace their sexy, and create a life they love!

Untangle yourself from the past, release judgment, and uncover the power, beauty, and joy that’s been inside you all along. All with a wink and a smile!

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