Lora Cheadle

Let’s break the cycle of shame and talk about all things good, bad, and confusing about sex by getting over our cultural, religious, or familial hang-ups around sex and our bodies. Let’s shift the conversation around sex from one that is hushed, misunderstood, and taboo to one that is healthy, accurate, and filled with joy.

We are created in the image and likeness of God. God is the ultimate creator and so are we. Why then, are we so squeamish and awkward around sex? Isn’t sex the ultimate act of divine creation, and aren’t we all sexual beings?

What would our world look like if, from an early age on, all humans understood the awesome power and responsibility of creating life? What if all of our natural curiosities around our bodies and the bodies of others were encouraged and talked about openly? How much healthier, happier, and safer would we all be if we were free to ask everything we wanted to know about our bodies without judgment or shame? What if we quit viewing pleasure as something to be guilty over, delayed, or something for the weak?

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Please enjoy my Elephant Journal Article, there or on my blog, about bodies, the fact that nudity is not sexual, and how our sanitized and photo shopped world we have lost touch with our bodies and ourselves.