Royce Morales

July Means Freedom! What would you like to be free from, and what would you like to be free to do? And interestingly, are freedom from and freedom to even related? What does it truly mean to be free, and how can you balance the tension between freedom and responsibility? Join Lora all month long, at 7 AM and 7PM EST as she explores the concept of freedom, so you can learn to be FREE to love yourself, your body, and your life, as they are right now – even in the middle of a pandemic!

Top Take-a-ways:

  • Finding answers to life’s biggest questions and mysteries
  • Overcome self-sabotage and negative programming
  • Stop seeking, and find inner peace once and for all

Are you frustrated with personal growth and self-improvement courses that feel good for a while, but soon, you’re right back where you started from?

Royce Morales has been teaching breakthrough self-discovery for decades. She is the author of three books about her teachings: “Want: True Love, Past Lives and Other Complications,” “Know: a Spiritual Wake-Up Call,” and “Back: Rebirth After Stroke,” all available on

Her groundbreaking, spiritually-based teachings get to the root of what’s preventing you from creating a joyful, meaningful, empowered life. Imagine consistently trusting yourself and life, free from the influence of negative, self-sabotaging, subconscious inner programming.

Maybe you’ve gone down many paths searching for answers to life’s Big Questions. Or maybe you’re just trying to find some inner peace that lasts.

You sense there’s more, but you seriously doubt you’ll ever get where you want to get. You’re tired of disappointment and feel discouraged.

Today’s episode is all about awakening to, and living, a shifted, Higher Consciousness existence so that repetitive, destructive patterns can resolve. Once. And. For. All.

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