Sandra Biskind

Are YOU Ready to Rewrite the Codes in your DNA, Break out of Dysfunctional Patterns, and Unlock the Best Version You? Let Lora Cheadle and Sandra Biskind Show you how to be a CODEBREAKER

Have you ever felt sabotaged by your own patterns or beliefs? Perhaps you wanted things to be different, but you just couldn’t quite make it happen? Perhaps it was the codes, locked in your DNA that set you up to fail. Perhaps you thought that there was nothing you could do about it? Well, now there is! Sandra Biskind and her husband Daniel, have unlocked the code to your DNA and can teach you how to break out of past patterns of belief and action.

If you are ready for a PLATINUM life, which stands for: PEACE LOVE AWARENESS TRUST INTEGRITY UNITY and MINDFULNESS, then this show and this book is for you! The Biskind’s CODEBREAKER & the CODEBREAKER Book and Journal present a ground-breaking mind training system that teaches tools and techniques to resolve hidden issues and rewrite the code in your DNA. The training is easy to implement and leads to life-changing shifts that last.

Sandra Biskind and her husband Daniel, are International #1 Bestselling Authors, Speakers & Spiritual Teachers who will help you could uncover these hidden codes that have been running your life and neutralize them once and for all so you can delete these codes locked in your DNA and finally get yourself free!

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