Infidelity Lora Cheadle Alexia Vernon

Join guest host Alexia Vernon, who expertly guides Lora through the revelation of her journey through the devastation of infidelity. After learning that her cherished husband of 23 years had five affairs over fifteen years, Lora’s world was shattered. Learn how she overcame the devastation, and flourished once again.

25-70% of Americans have had an extramarital affair. And the reason that infidelity statistics are so difficult to get a handle on, is because the data is gathered from self-reported surveys, and most people don’t admit engaging in infidelity. Because it’s taboo. Because it’s scary to think it could happen to us.

There is a lot of misunderstanding and judgment around those who are unfaithful, the betrayed partner, what happens in a relationship after the affair (or affairs) have ended, and how to healthily go forward. To make matters worse, pop culture’s version of what it’s like to have, or be the victim of, an affair is shockingly incorrect, meaning that well-meaning friends or family sometime only make matters worse – not better. In addition, there are surprisingly few quality resources out there for a problem that, while very complex, is exceedingly common.

The devastation of my infidelity experience was beyond what I thought I could endure. It is not something I will ever get over, nor will a day ever go by where I don’t think about its impact on me, my children, family and friends and be consumed – at least for a moment – by the crushing pain. But the woman I have become throughout this journey is not someone I would trade for all the world.
Affairs happen for many different reasons, across all social-economic classes, all religious backgrounds, all political affiliations, and all cultures. Chances are very good that if you have not yet been touched by infidelity, you will be. It is my wish to be a beacon of compassion, to open up difficult conversations around infidelity and its impact on everyone, not just those who are involved. My wish for you, is that no matter what happens, or has happened in your life, that you will be able to untangle yourself and your worth from the actions and choices of others. That you can find peace and understanding in all situations, and even though something is unfair or unjust, you will know deep inside, that who you are, right now, is more than enough.

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