How to live with regret

Have you ever tossed and turned all night, thinking about all the dumb things you’ve done your entire life? Regretting things that you did or said – or did not do or say, when you should have spoken up.

Regret, like any negative emotion, is painful, scary, and feels like it can take you down permanently. But it is essential to feel negative emotions fully. It is only through the pain that you can heal and grow.

While this is a somewhat somber show that raises more questions than it answers, that is exactly the point. Grief, pain, and regret are not linear or simple. Feelings do not dissipate on cue or according to any particular timeline. Life is messy, feelings and emotions are confusing, and this show will catalyze “a-ha’s” by challenging you to sit with discomfort.

Top Take-a-ways:

  • Feeling regret, shame, grief, or any negative emotion reminds you of your imperfection. Of your fragile, vulnerable nature, and is scary! It’s OK to be scared and to feel helpless. As humans, we are fragile and helpless… But we’re all in it together!
  • While regret, shame, or guilt can teach you what you might want to do better next time, beware of falling into the “I’ll do better next time” trap. Because you probably won’t! After all, how often have you gained and lost the same 5 pounds?
  • Living with regret enables you to roll with the punches more easily. Life is a series of ups and downs. All emotions are transitory. Feeling your pain fully helps you to manage difficult emotions in the future.
  • Being overwhelmed by grief or emotion helps you to realize what you can control, which empowers you to take responsibility, take action, and be fully present for yourselves and those you love.
  • Ultimately, it’s regret, shame, grief, and pain that makes us all more fully human. Even when we don’t have answers or solutions, we can always sit in the discomfort, express ourselves, and offer ourselves, and those we love, grace. It’s divine “oneness” in action!