Michelle Baldwin

Have you ever been stereotyped, judged, or hindered because of your age, your gender, or how you looked? Sure, women have more power now than they did in the past, or did they? Are we truly more free, or are we just constrained in different ways? Burlesque is an art form that pokes fun at societal norms and allows the audience and performers alike to see “reality” in a different light. Are you ready to set yourself free?

Top take-a-ways:

  • How the art of burlesque enabled women to enter theater, formerly a “man’s domain” and how you can use the concept of burlesque to break through your own barriers using fantasy, fun, and creative imagination.
  • How doing what you love empowers you to live a better life, both financially, emotionally, and intellectually.
  • How seeing someone who looks just like you, be sexy, funny, or powerful on stage, helps you to own those same qualities in yourself.


Michelle Baldwin, a.k.a. Vivienne VaVoom has taught at Burlycon Seattle, The New York School of Burlesque, NOLA Burlesque Fest, Tease-o-Rama, on Finnish Television, for HGTV’s Trading Spaces, all over New Zealand and right here in Denver since 2006. She was rated one of the top 10 burlesque teachers in the world by UK vintage lifestyle magazine Milkcow. She has also lectured on burlesque at the Pop Culture Association convention, the National Communication Association conference, various pop culture and burlesque festivals, art museums, libraries across the US.


Michelle wrote THE book on the neo-burlesque scene, Burlesque and the The New Bump & Grind,  (which was translated into Finnish in 2010) and been featured on radio, print and television across the globe as an expert on the history of burlesque and current neo-burlesque scene. She is currently working on her new book Timeless Tassels: Vintage to Modern Burlesque with co-author Jaye MacAskill


Her alter ego Vivienne VaVoom was born in 1998 and can generally be found bumping and grinding a mile high in her hometown of Denver. She has performed and taught at various venues and festivals in the US, Europe and New Zealand. She can be found across all social media at @viviennevavoom

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