Dr. Ken Keis on Holistic Growth, Success and How He Built His Dreams and Lived His SPARKLE!

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When you hear the words, leadership, satisfaction, purpose and wellbeing, do you immediately think of work? Not surprisingly, most people do not! Many people think along the lines of disliking their jobs, living for the weekend, and of work being something they do because they have to, not because they want to.

What could it be like if you love your work? What could it feel like to be satisfied with your job and your work? That’s what Dr. Ken Keis, Ph.D, and Consulting Resource Group are all about! They provide the tools and the education necessary for individuals to grow holistically, so they can understand the relationship between passion, purpose, success, satisfaction, leadership and wellbeing. Ken believes that true success comes from finding passion, purpose and joy in ourselves and our work, not just from blindly forging ahead, without awareness of one’s feelings.

If you feel like you just don’t fit in, or if you are sick and tired of not being able to see your family, friends or spend quality time with your kids, then perhaps you need to reevaluate yourself holistically and see what simple changes could be made in your life that could significantly help you.

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Consulting Resource Group is an organization that has helped more than 1 million people in 50,000 organizations worldwide improve employee satisfaction and productivity through the use of over a dozen internationally-acclaimed tools that help you take an objective look at all of the factors that influence our productivity and satisfaction.

The best-known tool is the Personal Style Indicator, which highlights what makes us all different, and shows us how to navigate those differences.

If you are ready to pull together all of the relationship, career and personal pieces of your identity, in order to create a holistically balanced person, who can successfully navigate life both professionally as well as personally, then this show is for you.

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