A woman’s health is important. Not only for her, but for her unborn children as well. While proper medical care is undeniably important, there are many simple steps and practices that women can take on their own, both before and after conception. Dr. Madhura Uday Kulkarni is a gynecologist and Ayurveda practitioner from India and her mission is to help women have healthier bodies, healthier babies and live their best and healthiest life.

The foundation of Ayurveda is knowing one’s constitution. From there, women can implement the Five Lifestyle Basics to good health, regular and consistent detoxing and exercise. Dr. Kulkarni helps women all over the world get in touch with themselves and take control of their health and the health and happiness of their children. Most important to her is making sure that women understand the how and why behind the need to detoxify their bodies, minds and spirits. To do this, she offers simple tips to immediately impact how we feel. One such tip is drinking a half a cup of warm water in the morning to help the body reset and digest any undigested foods left in the belly overnight.

She is passionate about improving women’s health and well-being through Ayurveda and Yoga, and has participated in numerous public outreach campaigns to help women to understand the many simple steps they can take to improve their health and wellbeing.

In her 25 years of clinical practice she has presented research papers both nationally and internationally, published articles, and conducted workshops for doctors and lay persons on women and women’s health. She is an avid runner, winning first place in the Bangalore Ultra Marathon 75 kilometers run in the open woman category, and first place in the Saptashrngi Nashik Hill run 21 kilometers.