Love. Relationships. Work. With Giovanna Capozza

Addiction is a word most associated with negative things such as alcohol or drugs. But did you know that we can be addicted to things that are positive too? Join Lora Cheadle and Giovanna Capozza as they discuss addictions to love, relationships and work.

Many people enjoy praise and approval from others, but for some of us, that need for approval goes a bit too far, and we end up on a vicious cycle, where we constantly seep approval from others. But the thing is, external approval is never sustainable! The only way for any of us to find true and lasting happiness is for us to learn how to cultivate that happiness within.

For Giovanna, that realization hit shortly after she lost her mother, and she had the thought, “Who will love me now?”

Although rock bottom was not a place Giovanna thought she would end up, sometimes it’s the surprising twists, turns and struggles in life that net the biggest gain. She was so sad, so heartbroken, so miserable, the only thing that mattered to her was how to feel better.

Looking within, she realized that she had spent her life seeking attention and love from men or from work. That her sense of worth was firmly planted in her external accomplishments, and not from within. Although she was quick to recognize the problem, she still wasn’t sure what the best solution would be.

After years of being exposed to the book A Course of Miracles, and casually studying it as well, she finally decided to get serious with her spirituality and begin studying the book and doing the work in earnest. She detoxed from men, and as she called it, “Dated God.” For a year! And thought her detox, coupled with deep spiritual work and dedicated studying, she finally found the deep, rich, fulfilling kind of spirituality she craved.

She now knows her own self-worth, her own value, and how to validate, and most importantly, love herself!

Join Lora and Giovanna, the host of the She Rises Podcast, as they talk about love, relationships, spirituality and how Giovanna found her sparkle!

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