Freedom TO

July Means Freedom! What would you like to be free from, and what would you like to be free to do? If you aren’t quite sure what you want out of life, but you crave something better than what you’ve got, then this is the show for you!

Whether it’s a pandemic, job loss, relationship change, diagnosis, death, or the sudden, overwhelming feeling of, “Wait! How did I get here? This wasn’t what I signed up for at all!” we have all felt the gut-dropping rush of dread as some unforeseen circumstance that we can’t control barrels straight for us. FLAUNT! is way more than making lemonade from lemons. FLAUNT! is about owning your power and claiming your worth, in spite of any external circumstances. FLAUNT! (in the words of the Broadway play Wicked) is about defying gravity, untangling from the past, releasing the fear of judgment, and taking the steps necessary to fly. No matter what people will think. And then, it’s about figuring out exactly what you want!

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