Debra Valentina

August is all about going back. What about going back to your connection with source? What about going back to God, back to your wise inner-being, and back to expressing and trusting yourself as a divine being? Join Lora all month long, at 7 AM and 7PM EST as she explores spirit, intuition, and balance in everyday life, so you can Trust in Your Truth, and live with confidence and joy every day!

Top take-a-ways:

  • Two simple steps to developing your intuition.
  • Why trusting “bad” intuition is a good idea.
  • How finding the lesson helps us heal.

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Are you someone who looks good on the outside, but doesn’t feel that fulfilled or satisfied on the inside? Do you sometimes think that if you were more intuitive, or had the “inside scoop” on things, that life would be easier? Did you know that you are intuitive, and that with a little practice, you can hear your inner voice and create the life of your dreams? Just like today’s guest, Debra Valentina, Owner & Principal, Creativing and author of Beyond Chaos: Journey to Freedom and Joy.

If you want to develop intuition, you have to intend to hear your intuition, and then practice hearing, as well as following your intuition. As Debra says, an intention is not a goal. Being goal driven is fine, but when it comes to intuition, you are better served by setting an intention and not a goal, because it keeps you more open to hearing the voice of your higher self, and not your ego.

Debra Valentina, BBA, MPH is a Business and Life Coach, Author, Facilitator, Speaker who has been a healthcare consultant, entrepreneur, coach, workshop facilitator, author, and international speaker for over 30 years. Debra earned a Bachelor of Business Administration magna cum laude from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Master of Public Health in Corporate Healthcare from UC Berkeley.  Debra also graduated from Stanford University’s International Business Executive Program and is an Alumna of the Leadership Pittsburgh Program.

Download a free chapter of her memoir Beyond Chaos: Journey to Freedom and Joy here: to learn more and to download the first chapter for free. 

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