Be Happy After an Affair

Finding out about your partner’s affair leaves you feeling helpless, confused, and hopeless. It’s hard to imagine that you will ever being happy again. But you can be happy again. Maybe, like me, even happier than you were before! All it takes is a deeper understanding of the dynamics of power, joy, and responsibility. Let me show you how to reclaim what I like to call your “sparkle,” so you can stop betraying yourself and reclaim the happiness and power you deserve.

Top Take-a-ways:
  • Discover the common ways and reasons why we betray ourselves every day, (including how our culture raises, teaches, and rewards self-betrayal) and how to stop.
  • Explore a new definition of “power” and learn how to step fully into your own power and untangle yourself from others so you can have full agency and control over your life, emotions, and happiness.
  • Redefine the idea of “responsibility” for yourself, your life, your happiness, and learn to celebrate both the good and bad consequences that flow from your actions or inactions without attachment.
  • Learn Three Exercises that will put you back in the driver’s seat, calm your nervous system, and help you find and maintain happiness no matter what happens around you.
    1.  Get Curious with an “If-Then” practice
    2.  Release attachment through “The Chakra Walk”
    3.  Practice Creating through play and “Adult Field Trips”



Lora Cheadle is an infidelity survivor who uses the concepts in burlesque to help women reclaim their identity and self-worth after betrayal so they can move forward with confidence, embrace their sexy, and create a life they love!


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  • Overcoming the devastation, pain, and obsessive thoughts and reclaiming peace,
  • Rebuilding trust in themselves, their intuition, and the world,
  • Making sense of their story regardless of their partner’s participation,
  • Reconciling the life they have now with the life they thought they’d have,
  • Moving on with confidence and clarity – whether they are working things out with their partner or moving on alone, and
  • Bringing themselves back to life again, stronger and happier than before!

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Untangle yourself from the past, reclaim your power, and own your worth so you can create a future you love on your own terms. All with a wink and a smile!