life choreographer

Having the courage to listen to your own heart, to trust your own truth, sets you free! Free from worry, free from crumpling over the judgment of others, free from that mean-girl voice in your own head, telling you that you aren’t good enough. Developing Naked Self-Worth means that you no longer waste time, energy, or effort in proving your worth. You are free to stop doing, and start being, because you know that who you are, is more than enough.

Courage and bravery are different things, and they can manifest in ways small and large. Unless we have the courage to do things that scare us, that open us up to judgment or to failure, we will never grow. All growth requires discomfort, courage, and moments of fear and failure. It’s important to be brave. It’s important to be courageous. And it’s important to honor ourselves when we move boldly into doing what’s right, even when (especially when) it’s difficult to do so.

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