Mark Yacano Mental Health

It’s probably safe to say that most of us are stressed out, over-worked, or are facing some sort of situation in our life that causes us not to function optionally. But in addition to all of the stressors of modern life, certain professions are known for their intensity and dedication – with the legal and medical professions being on the top of the heap!


Even though lawyers are statistically more likely to be depressed, due in part to the demands of the profession, there is a pervasive stigma against mental health challenges. Join Lora as she talks with Mark Yacano, lawyer and host of Erasing the Stigma: Conversations About Mental Health in the Legal Profession, as they talk about ways to address mental health concerns.

Says Mark, there are a lot of things we can do to cope with stress, with one of Mark’s favorite tips being willing to mix things up! Because he is often on the road, he makes the grind of travel less stressful by looking for and visiting local fitness studios. He enjoys connecting with a variety of different communities. At home, he also makes it a practice to explore, look around, stay engaged and try new experiences.

Mark Yacano is a member of Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Transform Advisory Services Team. He enables legal departments to unlock their full potential by helping them design innovative technology and staffing solutions. He is also a passionate advocate for wellness in the legal profession and the host of Erasing the Stigma: Conversations about Mental Health in the Legal Profession. His podcasts are on the Legal Talent Talk Network, which can be found in all of the usual places where podcasts hide.

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This show was originally published on Dreamvisins7 Radio Network.