Diane Vitch

Being brave and courageous takes many different forms. Sometimes, the bravest thing a person can do is fight for his or her health against all odds, and against all diagnoses. And that’s exactly what Diane Vich did. Not only did she bravely fight for health, for the right to feel good and happy, but she has also bravely shared her story with others in order to create health and healing.

Author of The Truth Behind IBS and Anxiety, Diane Vich is a registered nurse and holistic health coach who helps women explore their inner desires through mind, body and soul connection. Through her own experience healing herself with alternative therapies, Diane helps clients overcome trauma, chronic disease and negative patterns that impact their health.

Diane’s transformation began when she adopted holistic healing modalities while facing a debilitating illness and fatigue that required her to take 13 prescription medications each day. Through nutrition, transformational stretch, hypnosis and emotional healing, Diane not only transformed her health but reconnected with her sexuality. She helps women connect with their sexual power and heal past trauma through workshops, coaching and her novels. She believes that sexual energy is the key to creativity, power and fulfillment.

Diane currently lives in Miami and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and community of women. https://dianevich.com



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