Channeled Messages

Did you know that I channel a group of entities called “The Librarians” who help me in my work? The Librarians provide wisdom for all of humanity, regardless of what each individual is going through or experiencing. If you are new to channeling, this is the perfect place to begin, and if you are experienced with channeling and channeled messages, then what you will hear will resonate deeply.

I go live every Tuesday on Facebook with a five minute channeling. If you follow me there, you can receive this information in real time. This show is a compilation of six-weeks of those channels. They are unedited, and even though they were channeled in weeks past, the information contained in them is timeless.

Follow me LIVE, ever Tuesday on YouTube, @LoraCheadleLifeChoreographer or on Facebook @LoraPlankChedle. Remember to share what you take away from this episode, and next week I’ll be back with my regularly scheduled program.



Week One:

Birthing a New Consciousness This week the Librarians want you to know that the “shell” is cracking open, in service of a new consciousness that is being birthed on the planet, in our human collective, and within each of us as well. #channeling #channelingspirit #channeledmessage #TheLibrarians #Election2022 #oneness


Today’s message is all about birthing a “New Earth” and how our only options are to hinder or allow. We cannot hasten that which is developing in it’s own divine timing, we can only hinder or allow. Hindering is about doing. Striving. Working, “Rebranding” or “making something more palatable.” We think we are helping by gathering an army, pulling people together, explaining “truth” or whatever it is. But our action hinders the divine flow. Allowing is about being carried along, playing in the current, and letting go. Allowing is the fastest way to bring about the good within ourselves and in our lives.


Week Three:

What brings you joy? The real problem humans have in finding joy is not the absence of joy, but the absence of the the knowledge about what brings them joy. How can we know what brings us joy when we live in a world that tells us, that sells us, the manipulates us into believing that what will being us joy is external and can be purchased? A certain body size, a car, a handbag, a title, person, home in a certain neighborhood. We are told what will bring us joy and then we feel like failures when we don’t feel joy upon attainment of what we are told is supposed to bring us joy. But joy is not a thing. It is a state and nobody can get you in that state except yourself. Joy is attained by knowing what brings you joy! Ha ha! This season, which is the season of joy and giving, give yourself the knowledge of what brings you joy. Yes, you’ll get it wrong a few times, but that’s ok! Not only is it worth learning, but it’s essential to learn, and through our self-knowledge we will inspire others to learn as well. #channeling #channeledmessage #thelibrarians #flaunt #joy #holidayseason #holidayjoy #selflove #selfknowledge #selfmastery #joyful #oneness


Week Four:

“Be the change you want to see in the world” is more than just changing your actions, it’s about changing the way you look. We have more power than we think we have, we just need to prove it to ourselves!

We create every day, and oftentimes we misconstrue creation as chores. Chores and the processes we “must” go through on earth are here as mini exercises of creation. They are here to show us and teach us about our power to create. We tend to miss that!

The Librarians ask, “How many of you are happy with your bodies?” Whether it’s your presence, your weight, or something as simple as you hair, you have the power to change that. That’s why we have bodies that are malleable. So we can change them!

We have all the tools and resources necessary to change our bodies. We know how, we just get lazy and don’t! Not lazy, but afraid. After all, if we change our bodies and we can see the proof of our own creation in the mirror, then there is no reason we can’t create the rest of our lives to our liking.

Our relationships, government, or planet. For many, that’s too much responsibility so we hide our power from ourselves, mope around with a body we dislike, and stay firmly disconnected from our creative power.

Their call is for you to just start. For you to take back your power and to create something about yourself and your body that you like. Power is fun. Creation is fun. They myth that it’s a lot of responsibility and is hard is simply a myth!


Week Six:

It’s time for humans to live a more “instinctual” life, which means living primarily from their hearts and not from their heads.

Going back to the garden of Eden and the knowledge of good and evil, that was about the knowledge of the head vs. the knowledge of the heart. What went “wrong” there was that humanity wasn’t ready to handle their ability to think outside the present moment.

As instinctual beings we live in the moment, in our hearts. Knowing how to think outside the present moment IS the knowledge of good and evil! We aren’t ready for that knowledge until we can resist the “evil” allure of our thoughts! The evil allure of “figuring it out” and projecting to the past or the future and living from a place that is not the present.

This is not to say that thinking is bad. That learning from the past and doing what you can to prevent pain in the future is bad. It’s not. What’s bad is living from that space of being “anywhere but the present moment” because the present moment is too painful.

This is why so many people numb on the planet. With food, alcohol, drugs, etc. Because the present hurts. Because they have been tricked into thinking that living from their head is where it’s at. A life lived in your head is a life unlived.

Drop to your heart and live an instinctual live. You will be well served and well guided when you do. Yes, thinking helps but only in small doses. Thinking is the doing, living in your heart is the being.