R. Christian Minson

Breath is the foundation of life, the doorway to multidimensionality, and how you breath determines how you feel on this human journey. Betrayal leads to a loss of trust, a loss of control, and a loss of flow. Breathwork is a tool that can help you regulate and calm your nervous system, relax and accept the present moment, and feel better fast. The choice is yours: You can either stumble through the forest or can find a path that will lead you through more easily. Let Breathwork be that path!

Top take-a-ways:
  • Understanding why all emotions have value and how to learn to trust your breath so you can relax and recover after infidelity or other emotional trauma.
  • Why every breath you take is either reinforcing negative emotional experiences or creating positive ones, and how to consciously repattern your life experience using breath.
  • How to move through and process the emotional backlog of bitterness, pain, and resentment post-betrayal.
  • The truth of Freud’s saying, “Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” and the necessity of releasing the cellular memory of trauma if you want to heal.
  • The secret reason we hold our breath, and how breath-holding is a suspension of life, a momentary death, where you don’t want to move forward and face what’s next.



Remember, whatever posture you meet life with, is how life will meet you! And as Michael Blair says, “It’s not about feeling better, it’s about getting better at feeling.” But once you do, you will feel better! What kind of life do you want to create?

R. Christian Minson is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Contributing Author, Trainer, Coach, and the Founder of Breathflow Wellness International, a world-renowned transformational holistic health and wellness platform to share the life-changing techniques of breathwork. A former Monk, Christian spent 10 years in the YogicMonastery of Self-Realization Fellowship,founded by Paramahansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi), in Los Angeles to serve as Yogananda’s instrument for the dissemination of his writings and teachings, including Kriya Yoga.

After years searching for deeper meaning of life in the Monastery, Christian now teaches and guides others to find meaning in their own personal and professional lives by delivering inspiration and practical real-world tools that result in higher levels of vibration, creation, alignment, fulfillment and performance. Christian was formerly the Resident Director of the Breathwork Program at RYTHMIA Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, specializing in fusing ancient wisdom and modern techniques for healing and creating a life you love.

Christian has worked alongside the well-known thought leader, Gregg Braden, and has shared his message and techniques across the globe—including the Middle East, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and all over the USA. He has shared his message with businesspeople, thought-leaders, princesses, athletes and celebrities, students, and everyday seekers of a better way of life.  Visit his website at www.breathflow.com.

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