Nada Cory

Finding personal care products that are effective yet safe for our bodies and the environment isn’t always easy. Nadona International is simplifying the process with nutraceuticals that serve both our wellness and wellbeing while honoring the environment around us. You too can find health and beauty, and in the process, change the world simply because of the products you use!


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Nada Cory is a native-born Croatian who grew up in the small town of Pokupsko where she developed a love for nature, community, and the land which forged her connection with Mother Earth and gave her a passion and desire for identifying and cultivating “the best medicines and beauty products” nature could provide.

But her passion goes beyond simply creating healthy, wholesome products that interact with our biology and change us for the better. She is equally as passionate about being a good steward of the land, and lifting small communities and local economy, bringing back young families to become good stewards to the land for generations to come.

Thus was born her company, Nadona International, which is a luxury organic product line that celebrates the relationship we have with nature, championing us to remain vital, vibrant and youthful in Mind, Body and Spirit. Nadona International is more than a brand, it is part of a collective movement toward a holistic lifestyle, aimed at building a healthier world now and for the future; Luxury Organic Products Grown and Created with Intention!

Join Nada on her annual Pilgrimage trip to Croatia and the Bosnian Pyramids, and receive 10% off just for being a listener of today’s show! This pilgrimage is the epitome of fun with purpose, where you can experience travel, community, health, and passion through the eyes of a native, going to the heart of the land and the people.,

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Nada’s non for profit organization, the Joseph P Cory Foundation, is named after her late husband and seeks to educate and empower people in wellness and wellbeing. They build gardens in schools, parks and communities and teach good stewardship to those gardens. Find out more at: