Revecca Eldredge

Watching, listening, or reading the news can be extraordinarily stressful. Especially now, where everything you read, say, or hear is somehow politically or racially charged! What’s a person to do? You want to do the right thing and live in alignment with your values. You want to fight for under-served or disadvantaged populations and make a difference. But you also want to maintain your sanity and preserve important relationships. YES! It is possible, and Rebecca will show you how.

Top take-a-ways:

  • Feel calm, hopeful, and empowered even during chaotic times.
  • Guide and navigate tense interactions and differences with those you care about.
  • Advocate for the rights of others and stand up for your values with courage in a way that is comfortable for you.
    Care effectively for yourself, while caring effectively for others!


Rebecca is a licensed psychologist with a focus on providing guidance and support for aspiring allies and anti-racists as well as culturally sensitive therapy for adults. Throughout her doctoral training in counseling psychology, she pursued a multicultural specialization. Since then, she has been blessed with a variety of meaningful opportunities including teaching Multicultural Counseling graduate courses, developing and offering support groups and home visits for female refugees in Houston, TX, and providing cultural trainings and consultations to individuals and groups. Throughout the past 19 years, she has been deeply humbled and honored with the trust of hundreds of therapy clients from diverse identities and backgrounds.

In 2020, Rebecca began creating new programs offering guidance and support for aspiring allies and anti-racists wanting to break free from the status quo so that they can speak up more confidently against bias, even in their closest relationships, without burnout and with greater hope.

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