Affair Recovery Timeline

No matter where you are on your post-affair journey, use this timeline as a guide to the phases, stages, and emotions that you can expect after infidelity. From-D-day, (discovery day) trickle-truth, to the first anniversary, this show breaks down what to expect each quarter of the first year.

Top Take-a-ways:
  • Discovery Day and why your partner uses trickle truth as a means to keep their identity intact and protect you.
  • The first week and month, and why receiving, recovering and getting your nervous system calmed down and out of a state of shock is vital.
  • Quarter One: The first 3 months after an affair and learning to live again and integrating your new reality.
  • Quarter Two: The first 6 months after learning of infidelity, and why learning, education and understanding will help you (and your partner if he’s interested) “own and atone” for both of your actions and choices.
  • Quarter Three: You and your marriage nine months after an affair. The importance of white space and just being and not doing after an affair and allowing the learning and understanding to integrate.
  • Quarter Four: Creating what you want most and building life and relationships after an affair.


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