Trust Your Intuition

Intuition. What is it, how does it work, should you trust it, and how do you know when it’s right or wrong? Although every human is born intuitive, or with “gut instincts,” or an “inner knowing,” all too often we let our intellect, or the opinions of others dictate our choices. In this show you will learn how to develop your own intuition (Hint: Get into your body – learn to BE, not to DO) and start tuning into the magical story of your life.

Top take-a-ways include:

  • What is intuition and why does it happen?
  • Why trusting “bad” intuition is a good idea, and what “good” intuition feels like.
  • Develop your intuition with the How to Develop Your Intuition pdf that teaches you how to tune in and develop your intuition.


August is all about going back. Going back to school, back to work after summer vacation, and hopefully going back to normal after the coronavirus shutdowns and quarantines. What about going back to your connection with source? What about going back to God, back to your wise inner-being, and back to expressing and trusting yourself as a divine being? Join Lora all month long, at 7 AM and 7PM EST as she explores spirit, intuition, and balance in everyday life, so you can Trust in Your Truth, and live with confidence and joy every day!

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