Gail Rubin

As Gail Rubin, CT, The Doyenne of Death®, says, “Talking about sex won’t make you pregnant, talking about funerals and end-of-life issues won’t make you dead.” Especially now, with the Coronavirus and the idea of death and dying being constantly on our radar, many people still balk at the idea of talking about their own death, or the death of a loved one. Which is ironic, because whether it’s from COVID-19 or something completely different, we are all going to die.

Gail is an award-winning speaker and author who uses humor and funny film clips to attract people to topics that many would rather avoid: taking care of advance medical directives, estate planning and funeral planning. Her gift is helping others get end-of-life and funeral planning conversations started with a light touch on a serious subject.

For a touch of humor during some dark and serious times, watch her “Coronavirus Cinema Collections” on YouTube:

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“Based on a True Story”:

Gail pioneered the Death Cafe movement in the United States, hosting the first Death Cafe west of the Mississippi in Albuquerque, New Mexico in September, 2012, and the first Before I Die Festival west of the Mississippi in October, 2017.

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